Sport & Fun in the Salt-Laden North Sea Air

Walking, Surfing, Biking, and Golfing: Outdoor Exercising Is Wellness as Well

The Nature at the North Sea invites to exercise. The marvelous salt-breeze and the sweep of the country are inspiring at all seasons. Overlooking the Wadden Sea and the East Frisian Islands, everyone finds rest during his vacation or business trip. Wellness, sport or simply recreation: Let us not argue about the name, but getting started. Choose your own tempo to burn off energy and then enjoy the relaxation of the spa area even more.

Those who get to know East Frisia at the Hotel Fährhaus; we can recommend lots of sports. Feel free to ask questions concerning routes and equipment for your activities: We not only know this region inside out but also keep on hand some equipment for hiring. Everything is prepared for those who are fancy exercising because of the landscape. Do you bring your trainers with you? Of course, we also know jogging routes!

The broad skylines of the East Frisian scenery, the UNESCO-World Heritage – natural site – Wadden Sea, tides, beaches and the outback – in which way do you like to discover it? In East Frisia, plenty of bike lanes exist; but also a combined experience of nature 'paddle and pedal', combining cycling and canoeing, is available. All occasion and hobby cyclists are getting their money’s worth. The trails on the dyke are inviting to wander, walk, jog and stroll. Equally, departing is inviting and inspiring, so you are ranging over an area and the beach.

Apropos, the weather in East Frisia is another topic: We annually have lots of sunshine hours. However, the bleak North Sea weather has also its specific charm. If you well wrapped up walk through the clear cold air in the winter seasons, it will clear your mind. And best of all, is returning to a warm house and a delicious hot chocolate or immediately moving on to the wellness area with saunas, swimming pool and fitness room. You will be surprised how relaxing such a 'cure' for a stressed mind is. A therapy is nothing like it – have a try! No matter if it is a simple wellness program or more – the sea won’t ask.

Nordic Walking

Long-winded steps, deep inhaling and always having an eye on the horizon – In the coastal area, Nordic Walking mostly takes place on the dyke. The woodlands around Norddeich are also inviting to walk there. You can borrow walking-sticks at the reception.


Take your bike and start to pedal – There is no need to cycle all the 3.500 kilometers that East Frisia has to offer. Just explore the coast and the outback adapted to your fitness. Greetsiel and Dornum are within reach of Norddeich. In defiance of headwind and weather, East Frisians are passionate cyclists. Bikes can also be borrowed at the reception.

Canoe and Bike

The 'experience of nature with paddle and pedal' enjoys great popularity. This is a combined tour with canoe and bike that has 21 stations along the track. For more information feel free to ask in the hotel or click here.

Surfing and Kite Surfing

Norddeich close to Emden is popular among German prestigious surfers and kite surfers. The sweep of the North Sea provides depending on the water line the perfect conditions for everyone. From knee-deep shallow water to a little wind wave for the advanced wind surfer or kite surfer, newcomers have an appropriate training partner with the surf school in Norddeich.

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