Beauty & Care Right Next to the Dyke

Groom Yourself 'Beautiful' at the 'Wellness & Meer'

You are of primary importance to us. Indulge yourself in a pampering and beautifying time depending on your taste. Our 'Wellness & Meer' is a good tip as obverse of your daily schedule or as daily visitor. Our varied program includes the following offers; you are also welcome to ask for guidance and support at choice and booking. Just call us!

Massages loosen the marks of everyday life: tensions and minor to major ailments are caused by a lot of exhausting (desk) work, stress topics at work and less time for necessary balance. Certainly, we are not able to replace a medical treatment, but we are able to take care of relaxation and a necessary feel-good factor. Let us see to that and it will be great!

Beauty-treatments with Décleor-products make you beautiful! We have plenty of time to attend to your beauty and the calmness to absorb a mask or a serum. We also have a good eye for perfect brows, impurities or smooth skin: Those things are going short in everyday life, we will make good for. Matched to your skin, you will enjoy a facial treatment that leaves this wonderful feeling of 'Wow, I am beautiful'.

Afterwards, you can get a new hair style or enjoy a champagne bath à deux! There is a large choice, but we would love to help you deciding on your personal wellness plan. Are you interested for example in an Ayurveda-Massage, a Hot-Stone- or Hot-Chocolate-Treatment? Or a Thalasso-Treatment? At least, we are at the sea…

The Rassoul in an oriental designed bath and the Hammam are having no rival. Enjoy a soapy brush massage and a soothing moist heat, while leaving everything else behind…

North Sea Massage

With sea salt and finest oils for a skin like silks & satins

Champagne Bath à Deux

A Jacuzzi bath with sumptuous oils, champagne and fruits

Thalasso Sea Power

Seaweed wrap on a waterbed

Cleopatra Bath

Refreshing cosmetic formulas enchanting your skin and senses!

Indulging Program 'Hot Chocolate'

Coffee peeling with a hot chocolate pack wraps the whole body; refined with chocolate almond oil.

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