Happy Hour at the North Sea Coast

Short Breaks and Long Nights

All day long, our Tenderbar is a perfect venue for a short break. In the morning the sun shines in and invites to a pleasant moment with a hot cappuccino. Alternatively, you take your coffee after finishing breakfast and change to the Tenderbar to start this day relaxed. Of course, we are offering an assortment of daily press and magazines.

Have you already been on an East Frisian discovery tour and now stopping by for a short break? For lunch we like to welcome you in our restaurant; for a coffee and a relaxing moment, you are invited into the unoccupied Tenderbar. We serve you out of the restaurant if you prefer to sit in the Tenderbar; however, it is primarily a meeting point and lounge area at daytime.

Smokers amongst our guests, we are offering a nice spot as well: enclosed in the Tenderbar, you will find our comfortable smokers lounge, a light and tender furnished room with ventilation.

We are arranging a short moment of pleasure before supper by serving you a sundowner chosen of our cocktail menu. Savor our international classics and great self-made creations of the tenderbar-team! Enjoying cocktails and confidential talks makes a vacation up far away from everyday life. This is the promise of a long, dark and quiet coast night.

Coast night is the key word: Certainly, we are still opened after your supper – no matter if you dined in the harbor restaurant or somewhere else. Do you prefer a delicious, creamy Pina Colada instead of a dessert? Or do you like to continue the conversations from dinner? Sharing ideas and thoughts or talking all night long? – Just enjoy it! It’s your vacation and your red-letter time.

Piña Colada

Drinks made of pineapple, coconut and rum, were known early. The pirate Roberto Cofresí (1791-1825) was said to have served his sailors drinks with a mixture of those ingredients already in the beginning of the 19th Century.

Sturmstärke 10 'Gale Force 10'

A cocktail making even a sailor reel – be courageous trying the creations of our bartender.

Bahama Mama

Reddish lips like your opponent? Maybe… Savor white rum, Bacardi Black, Malibu coconut liqueur, lime juice, pineapple juice, orange juice & grenadine

Pretty Little Angel

Angels are sweet, creamy and a bit fruity – at least those in the glass. Our angel is made up of vodka, liquor 43, cream, passion fruit juice & grenadine.

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