Freshly Caught Delicacies

The New Harbor Restaurant at the Hotel Fährhaus

Fresh air is appetizing! The best delicacies ripen, grow and flourish in our North Sea air. We are cooking with heart and soul, while using such regional products. Certainly, we are standing first in line; by the time the fishermen land their catch, to get the best of it for our local cuisine. Just as one desires it, which is reason enough for us to do it.

The kitchen staff cooks and composes menus with passion! It is composing menus from seasonal and regional products. Naturally, we are offering besides a local cuisine also an international cuisine. Thus, we are able to cook the best from around the world with regional groceries – for your enjoyment and for marvelous dishes every day from morning till night.

By the way, we are welcoming a kitchen talk: We cherish the opinion of our guests; plus, we love to exchange our cooking experiences with others. - Definitely, an advantage for all participants.

Savor a delicious menu in the harbor restaurant that cossets and appeals to all senses. We are remembering lots of wonderful evenings, which became lovely memories. – How about yours?

Perfect service is unobservable – we are not only taking care, but also disappear at the right moment. Revel a delightful evening with well-chosen wines from our card and the culinary art of the kitchen team. Here you will get an impression of our seasonal varying menu card.

Haddock Filet on Dijon Mustard Butter

With julienne vegetables and parsley potatoes

Fried Scallops

Duet of fried scallop and giant prawn on tagliatelle with saffron-pernod-foam

Roast from Salt Marsh Lamb Leg

With thyme sauce, oyster mushrooms, zucchini vegetable and napkin dumplings

Sand Shrimps

On an East Frisian black bread with two fried eggs

Caramelized Goat Cheese

With marinated beetroot and fig mustard

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