Norddeich as Connection to the East Frisian Islands

Sand-Enchantments at Norderney and Juist

Islands are always matchless: They convey a feeling that everything is limited to the island and stays there forever. Even though there are ferries, it is a different feeling of seclusion and finality, which is knowingly wanted by many people. To take a single example; many a piece of literature came into being on an island.

In front of the hotel the ferries set sail for the islands. They take tourists and vacationists to the islands Norderney and Juist. Norderney is almost laid at hourly intervals, whereas a ferry crossing to Juist is determined by high tide. Those who want to break the rhythm take the plane. After the arrival without car, it is ascertain that Juist is a car-free island. A carriage takes the guests where they want; otherwise, they have to walk, bike or that sort of thing.

The sand island Juist is known as Töwerland, meaning wonderland. It is the longest East Frisian island with its width of 500 meters and its length of 17 kilometers. Therefore, one can discover the entire island by a wonderful carriage ride.

Norderney, as well, invites to a day trip. Contradistinctive to the placid Juist, Norderney is definitely considered to be vibrant, indeed sophisticated. In 1799 the first North Sea resort of Germany was founded. Nowadays, Norderney is well on the way to turn into THE Thalasso-Island.

The city center gives an atmosphere of sea resorts with good shopping facilities. Never-ending beaches are inviting to take a bath, surf or kitesurf and suchlike; especially, the beach in the East is rated as scenic, relaxed and popular. The island is attracting for a culinary break due to its bars and marvelous restaurants; here, Sylt is serving as model (Even though, islanders would not admit that.). Norderney is an insider tip for those, who do not like to go to the North Frisian islands because of the distance, noise or other annoying factors. It is a trendy haunt, to which also a see-and-be-seen-trip is one possible option. By whatever means you want to experience Norderney, a daytrip is always worth it!

What luck! In the Hotel Fährhaus, you are free to choose the best of the islands and still you are not constrained to the island after the last ferry left; since, you wisely chose your location close to the beach of the mainland. This is real freedom! This is real East Frisian wellness!

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