Wellness Hotel East Frisia

The North Sea Is Striking at All Seasons

The North Sea coast offers at all seasons fabulous occasions for visiting: In spring, the nature comes out of hibernation enchanting with gentle sounds. In summer, beach and dyke attract to enjoy the sun ending with a gorgeous sunset. Autumn storms are fascinating due to the power of wind and water. Finally in winter by the time mudflats are frozen, genuine connoisseurs of North Germany are reaching the coast being addicted by the Nordic lights and the meditative power of wintry silence. It is the time of walking with chunky jackets and stopping for a cup of hot tea and a piece of delicious cake according to Old Frisian family recipes.

The sea, the mudflats, the extensive beaches, non-ending dyke lines, the healthy maritime climate, geest and marsh landscapes offer nature lovers ideal conditions for a restful wellness and activity holiday at the fresh sea air. Trips along the East Frisian Coast or to the East Frisian islands are visualizing the closeness of East Frisians with wind and water. There is the world heritage Wadden Sea and various nature trails. Others just take a bath in the North Sea.

East Frisia is a paradise for cyclers; therefore, the typical of East Frisia is best experienced by bike. Barely, another region of Germany has available such a varied and well-signposted cycle path network. For instance, the coastal route or the marsh-adventure-tour is cycle-friendly without rises. For those who would love to discover East Frisia historically,they are able to ride the headmen, the pirates, the Free Frisians or Störtebeker’s tour. Afterwards, you are able to relax at the Hotel Fährhaus, the wellness hotel in East Frisia.

Certainly, the East Frisians are falsely coming off badly with all the unfriendly jokes! We are saying things right out, even though others do not want to hear it. This way has its own forthrightness and plainness, which is mostly appreciated. Moin! – This Low German word – meaning 'Have a nice day' – is used at all times of the day salutary. However, there is a subtle difference between 'Moin' and 'MoinMoin': Those who are greeting with 'MoinMoin' are in the mood for a short chat, while 'Moin' is just a pleasantry. We are thinking that such clear rules are sometimes helpful elsewhere!

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