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Fährhaus anno 1903
Fährhaus anno 1903

The Hotel Fährhaus is a house of warm-hearted tradition and hospitality. Over 200 years ago, the origin house has been built on that very place, where we cosset our today’s guests. With the harbor of Norddeich and the increasing tourism, the ferry house developed; and as a result of this, also our Hotel Fährhaus. In almost the same manner, the term hospitality, as well as the requirements of our guests and the idea of recreation changed over the years. However, the happy Frisian way of welcoming guests and turning their stay into something special remained the same.



the house of the ferry man, our today’s Fährhaus, has been built. Here passengers could purchase their tickets for ferry crossing to the North Sea islands.

Around 1900 the first guests stayed in the ferry house, which started with 15 rooms. Since then the house has grown, was renovated and expanded.

In the 1950’s the Frisian rusty pub “Fährkeller” came into being, where the “Dieksters” (dyke inhabitants) met to the” Elf Ürtje” (eleven o’clock tea).

1959 the hotel has been extended to the east.

1972 another story has been built.

1996 the owner changed, from family Schoon to family Klug, both long established families of Norddeich. The new owner attached several rooms to the hotel and enhanced the quality.

2003 the unique wellness area was set up in the 7th story and on the hotel roof in a height of 25 meters – matchless in East Frisia.

2008 family Klug handed over the hotel to their children, family Fröhlich. They are also carrying on the modernization of the hotel, so that now every single room shines in a new splendor.

2011 the Tenderbar has been constructed and turned into a popular venue by daytime; as well as a meeting place for the nightcap at bed time.

2014 the restaurant has been renovated, so that the atmosphere fits the kitchen’s promise. You dine in a lovely atmosphere, fresh, regional and delicious – as it is expected of a first class superior house.

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